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Salesforce Real time project on lightning web comp

This tutorial is only project implementation with using all concepts of Lightning web components. If you knows LWC and want to have handson with real time project implemention, go ahead and enroll for this tutorial. If you are completely new to LWC, i would suggest first check my "Salesforce Lightning web component" tutorial. LWC is a new programming model with following web standards to develop salesforce lightning components and this is the only tutorial with maximum hour of video. Each session explained with many live coding to make your LWC concepts deep clear so that you can make your journey to be expert in LWC.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Devops With Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX is Salesforce's new tool for Salesforce Development and is essential to your success in coding on the Salesforce platform. You will learn salesforce Devops with Salesforce DX in detail where we will start from compete basic of setting of various tools for salesforce DX and devops. Step by step process starting from signing up Salesforce Org to configuring Continuous integration to build the code with Jenkin.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Visualforce Development

Learn complete Visualforce step by step with live scenario. What is Visualforce and why do we need custom page development to build in salesforce. Use custom button to launch visual force page. learn about different types of controllers like Standard Controllers, Custom Controllers and Controller extensions

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Experience cloud with live Project

Learn everything about setting up Salesforce community with knowing all setup options. Implement complete real time community setup with lightning component project . The course walk you through declarative-driven, personalization and audience targeting features provided by community.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Lightning web component with project

This course is designed from basic to expertise level. if you are beginner , nothing to worry, its very easy and well organized course to make your learning simple and smooth. Also for expert, you can learn deep knowledge of LWC and add many more skills in your professional career with live real-time examples and scenarios with series of codes.

By:Debasis jena

Real time project on Lightning Component(AURA)

This tutorial is completely project implementation with using of all scenarios of lightning component. If you are familiar with lightning and wants to implement a real time project, go ahead and enroll for this tutorial. If you are new to Lightning then I would suggest, please go ahead and enroll my "Salsforce Lightning" tutorial first and then enroll for this tutorial.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Lightning Development

This course is for any one who is interested in learning basic to advance lightning concepts. We will build many different types of components with live examples. There will be many discussion of various resources to enable you for creating component. We will discuss about various debugging skill and ways to debug lightning component .

By:Debasis jena

Apex Trigger and Trigger Design Pattern

This course designed for beginner to advance level where you will learn basic to advance level of trigger . Also we will have trigger design pattern and framework code to build a complete generic framework for trigger.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Design Patterns

Harness the power of apex design patterns to build robust and scalable code architectures on the salesforce platform.This is only course available on design pattern in apex. Every pattern explained with live examples and explained with all real time scenarios.

By:Debasis jena

Project Implementation on Einstein Analytics

Implementation of real-time Live project with hands on experience building Salesforce Einstein analytics dashboard, using real-time Rest API integration in salesforce to visualize in desktop and mobile applications of Einstein Analytics Dashboard.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Step by step implementation tutorial to mastery on Salesforce Einstein Analytics with covering from What is Einstein analytics, Getting Analytics org and building Dataset, dataflow, lens, recipe, dashboard, SAQL, Sharing & Security and many more with live scenario.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Apex Programming

Learn salesforce apex programming from basic to advance level with many live scenario. We have covered starting from what is Apex, collections, batch job , scheduler, advance trigger, email service, asynchronous method, apex testing, exception handling and many more with live examples

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Lightning Report and Dashboard

This course designed from scratch with taking care each and every concept to make you mastery in report & dashboard. Every thing discussed with live implementation of multiple scenario covering from basic to advance level.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Lightning Process Builder

This course is for admins/developers who are interested to learn the new Lightning automation tools. Also This course designed from basic to expert level with many live examples and each explained in details with step by step implementation.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder

Salesforce Lightning flow Builder course is for admins/developers who are interested to learn the new Lightning flow builder to automate business process in easy steps. This course covered with Many live sceanrio.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Administrator with Real time Project

This is a Project Based Training Where we will map all project requirement with salesforce concept and how to implement in system. This tutorial implemented with both classic and lightning UI.

By:Debasis jena

Salesforce Integration with Live scenario

Complete tutorial to learn Salesforce Integration with external system in easy steps. This course is designed from basic to advance level covering many live scenario to integrate with external third party system easily.

By:Debasis jena


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  • All our courses are based on Real Time Project based where you learn real skill which are readily transferable to your work project.









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