Complete Guide for Salesforce integration

Step by step tutorial to learn salesforce integration with live coding which covers many real time scenarios. This course designed to cover from basic to advance level of salesforce integration. We will cover various mechanism of integration with live systems.

Instructr-Debasis Jena English
Mode of Session-Live(Over Go to meeting/ Zoom)
Duration -25+ hour

what you will learn

  • What is the meaning of Integration in salesforce?
  • Different ways to integrate in salesforce Integration and its ABC to understand
  • How can we do integration in salesforce with other external systems?
  • What is Soap in salesforce? What Steps to follow for SOAP Integration?
  • SOAP - Create Webservice method in salesforce to integrate with any application
  • Generate WSDL and understand its structure
  • Consume SOAP Generated WSDL in salesforce
  • Understand Generated Apex Class from WSDL
  • Invoke Web service method from Generated Apex class
  • Partner WSDL Vs Enterprise WSDL and use partner WSDL to get session info
  • Invoke SOAP Web service with session id from anonymous window
  • Consideration for using Salesforce Webservice keyword
  • common issues during parsing WSDL to apex
  • Overview of Connected App in salesforce
  • How to create Connected App in salesforce?
  • What is OAuth in salesforce and Why do we need it?
  • Different OAuth flows in salesforce Use OAuth2.0
  • UserName and Password Flow in salesforce Invoke UserName password
  • OAuth2.0 call to get access token in salesforce
  • How to Use JSONParser to parse the callout response in salesforce
  • Use access token to authenticate and invoke soap service without partner WSDL
  • Overview of REST and its Anatomy REST In Apex
  • Use of @HttpGet In Rest Resource and use of workbench to access rest services
  • Overview of Workbench and how to use it
  • Use of @HttpDelete In Rest Resource and use of workbench to access rest services
  • Use of @HttpPost In Rest Resource and use of workbench to access rest services
  • Use of @HttpPatch In Rest Resource and use of workbench to access rest services
  • Overview of JSON and introduction to different JSON classes in salesforce
  • Setting up My Domain in both client and server org
  • Call RestResource from client org to access and create record in server org
  • Overview of User Name and Password flow to use in Rest API
  • Lets create a Placeholder to store Integration parameter to use in Rest call
  • Build Page to Invoke Rest call from client application
  • How to get Access token from server to use in subsequent HTTP call
  • Get records from server and display in client Page using REST call
  • Create a Page in client to POST record to server to create a new record
  • Post record to server to create a new record using POST method
  • Authenticate and invoke Rest api using Oauth2.0 JWT Bearer token
  • What is OAuth 2.0 JWT Bearer Flow for Server-to-Server Integration
  • Steps need for access Resource with JWT Token
  • Certificate and key management
  • Setup connected app for JWT Pre Approve authorized users for JWT Flow
  • Create JWT Token in client org Request an access token with JWT token
  • Pass access token in subsequent call to access protected resource
  • Oauth Refresh token flow
  • Real time integration Salesforce to Linkedin
  • Real Time Integration to get Corona - Covid19 affected Country live Status
  • Real Time Integration - Salesforce with Indian Postal Department
  • system Integrate Salesforce Org with Help of Salesforce to Salesforce
  • Testing your integration code

About instructor

The academy is led By Debasis Jena, Salesforce architect with over 10+ years in the IT industry. He has taught over 15000 students in 195 countries from across the world. All our courses are based on Real Time Project based where you learn real skill which are readily transferable to your work project. Our courses are guaranteed to help you reach your career goals and develop your automation skills Life time access, Learn at your own pace and updates are Free for Life. Wide coverage of topics like Salesforce Administration, Apex Programming, Visualforce, Lightning, Lightning Web Component,Real Time Integration, Community Cloud and many more.

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